KYANA’s TOTAL LISSE QUEEN line is an advanced system of absolute hair straightening that combines the moisturizing and restructuring properties of hydrolyzed keratin with the healing and protective properties of AMARANTHUS CAUDATOUS plant extracts. Controls excessive moisture in hair, prevents frizz and protects the basic keratin structure of hair.

APPLICATION: Apply the SULFATE FREE shampoo by KYANA and dry hair. Divide the hair into 4 sections and use a brush to apply the straightening product from the roots to the ends avoiding contact with skin. Leave for 20 minutes.

In case of damaged hair, apply the heat protection cream of the TOTAL LISSE line of KYANA and continue with the use of the straightening iron in each tuft of 0.5 cm thickness at a temperature of 200 – 2300C.

Use the straightening iron

  •  15 times on natural hair
  •  8 – 10 times on dyed hair
  •  6 – 8 times on very damaged hair