KYANA utilizing the most innovative proposals in the field of cosmetic technology and using the protective properties of the elements of nature proposes a new keratin treatment that guarantees amazing results and at the same time ultimate protection of hair.

Those who decide to undergo a keratin treatment usually expect the following results:

* Straight and soft hair

* hair elasticity

* natural hair movement without frizz.


KYANA’s TOTAL LISSE keratin treatment offers:

 * excellent performance for straight, soft and shiny hair with absolute frizz control for up to 4 months.

 * the ideal solution for all hair types even for dyed or decolored hair.

 * Safety in use as it follows the strictest international cosmetology standards.


  1. PRE TREATMENT SHAMPOO: Shampoo that deeply cleanses the scalp preparing hair to receive the treatment in the most effective way
  2. CERATIN total lisse: It is the heart of the treatment. With the heat of the straightening iron, it activates the keratin chains of hair, smoothing them without breaking their bonds.
  3. THERMO PROTECTIVE CREAM: Makes combing and styling with the straightening iron easier, reducing the time required and providing ultimate protection.
  4. REHYDRATIVE MASK: The last step of the treatment. It helps rebuild hair by offering strong and shiny hair.



Keratin’s similarities to hair proteins make it the natural choice for hair care products.

It acts as a softening and moisturizing agent.

Thanks to its low molecular weight, it penetrates hair, hydrating it from the inside.

It improves the appearance of hair while making it easily manageable.


The oily seeds extract  of the plant AMARANTHUS CAUDATUS is rich in squalene and unsaturated fatty acids. Both components are mainly used in reconstruction treatments, presenting a set of beneficial properties.

This particular extract helps control excess of  moisture, prevents frizz and maintains styling for longer time. It also fills the gaps of the hair cuticle protecting the basic structure of the keratin.


Apply the cleansing PRE TREATMENT SHAMPOO to wet hair. Massage to create a soft foam. Lather all over hair and rinse.

Repeat a second time and continue by blow drying hair using a hairdryer.

Divide  hair into 4 parts. Wear gloves and, using an application brush (or KYANA’s foam maker), evenly distribute the keratin tuft by tuft. Comb from roots to ends with a fine-toothed comb without leaving hair too wet. Do not apply to the skin. Leave on for 20 minutes.

(only in case of very damaged hair). Apply the thermoprotective cream to each tuft paying attention to the ends.
Then distribute the product evenly with the help of a comb. Dry very well with a hairdryer and proceed to the straightening with the help of a comb. 

Without rinsing continue using the comb and the straightening iron. Take tufts of maximum thickness 0.5 cm and use the straightening iron:
To natural hair: at 200 – 230 οC  15 times
To dyed hair: at 180 – 230 oC  8-10 times
To very damaged hair: at 170 – 180 oC   6-8 times (without insisting on the ends)
Rinse to remove the  product.

Apply the REHYDRATIVE MASK on wet hair, leave for 5 minutes and rinse. Dry with a hairdryer.