The requirements often needed in relation to a hair dye have to do with the effectiveness in achieving the desired shade and protecting hair.

In response to the demands of the modern hairdresser, KYANA proposes a hair dye which is the product of studies based on the latest technological advances in the field of cosmetology.

At the same time, showing pride in Greek nature, it introduces among its ingredients a series of plant extracts with beneficial properties for the health of hair and scalp.

The result is a hair dye that can be a means of artistic expression in the hands of the hairdresser while offering:

  • A variety of color options
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Accuracy in the result
  • Antioxidant action
  • Up to 3 tones of opening up or up to 5 for lighteners
  • Moisturising action
  • Protection of hair quality
  • Formula free of heavy metals
  • Low ammonia content (1,6 in dark colours and 2,7 in light colors)



The new color philosophy that demands quality and results has led to a reduction in the ammonia content of the dye (1.6 % in dark colors and 2.9 % in blond colors). In this way the scales of the hair do not open up too much and as a result hair does not lose its quality and wholeness.

New coloring pigments maximize color rendering, giving shiny and vibrant colors while perfectly covering white hair or previous shade.

The innovation of the dye is based on the design of new monomeric pigment molecules of very small size to easily penetratehair scales (which, due to the low ammonia content, no longer open as much). These molecules are then polymerised to develop strong bonds that allow them to be retained inside hair. As a result we get stable, intense and solid long-lasting colors.


The pigments used in STUDIO EXPRESSIONS dyes are free from heavy metals, so the dye contains more than double the percentage of pigments compared to the average market without the risk of  creating free radicals.  This results in total white coverage, high color intensity and impressive durability. At the same time, however, a protective shield is created to help keep hair in perfect condition.

These are metals present in the pigments of the dyes. As the amount of pigments increases, so does the concentration of heavy metals.

Heavy metals, that come from water and our body, are found in hair. They are found in higher concentrations in the porous ends of hair. Metals are not harmful but when they encounter hydrogen peroxide they react by forming free radicals.

Free radicals can attack and break the bonds that hold hair together causing damage. They can also negatively affect hair coloring by preventing coupling agents from meeting the appropriate precursors resulting in mis-colored molecules and altered color tones.


For the design of the STUDIO EXPRESSIONS dye, KYANA has used both elements that are the most modern technological advancements in the field of cosmetology and a set of active ingredients of natural origin.

Hyaluronic acid technology combined with hydrogen peroxide hydrolyzed keratin creates a protection technology that reduces the negative effects of heavy metals by protecting hair bonds caused from damage.

More specifically, Hyaluronic Acid maintains the necessary moisture levels in hair by penetrating the follicles and giving hair softness and elasticity while preventing breakage.

Keratin is a protein that is the main component of hair. Damage to the cuticles can lead to a loss of keratin with the consequent result of damage and often breakage of hair. The addition of keratin to the dye mixture enhances its protective nature.

Pure virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins, polyphenols, trace elements and iron. It has an antioxidant action and deeply moisturizes hair, enhancing its growth.

 At the same time, a set of fine natural elements such as herbal extracts and beeswax ensure a protective base that constitutes 92 % of the dye formula.

AMMONIA... the alkaline component

Ammonia is an alkaline ingredient in STUDIO EXPRESSION dyes. It opens the scales of hair, allowing pigments and hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the cortex. Ammonia releases oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes the pigments. Ammonia in combination with oxygen activates the opening up process. Due to ammonia being a gas, it evaporates at the end of the hair dyeing process.

HYDROGEN HYPEROXIDE - H2O2... concentration of oxygen atoms

Hydrogen peroxide is a concentration of oxygen atoms measured in degrees or percentages. Oxygen atoms join together which allow the oxidation process to occur.













KYANA’s peroxide cream is enriched with hydrolyzed keratin and carefully selected waxes to protect hair during dyeing.

It also contains high quality stabilizing agents which ensure a long lasting effect.

The peroxide cream should be mixed with studio expressions dye in proportion:

1 tube of dye 100 ml – 150 ml of peroxide cream

It is important to use a dispenser to accurately respect the proportion.

The alkaline PH of ammonia opens the scales of hair.

Ammonia allows hydrogen peroxide (acetic acid) to release oxygen which oxidises the pigment micro molecules that build color on hair shaft.

Ammonia allows hydrogen peroxide (acetic acid) to release oxygen which opens up natural melanin.


There are three basic functions of STUDIO EXPRESSIONS dye


  1. The coverage of grey hair
  2. The coloring of natural hair

III. The coloring of colored hair

  1. Grey hair coverage

In order to achieve the coverage of grey hair, it is necessary to:

Select the amount of tone we want to achieve

Carefully determine the color level of natural hair

Carefully determine how many tones of bleaching up are necessary to achieve the right tone level

For the ultimate coverage of grey hair, STEP 3 must be followed exactly as mentioned.  If the natural color of hair has not sufficiently opened up, it will not be possible to achieve the desired result.

For example, if we aim for an 8.3 tone on natural hair with color tone of 5 and use 30 degree peroxide, the opening power will not be sufficient and it will be impossible to achieve the desired result.

The force of the color deposition action will be stronger than the blonde force and therefore the desired color will look more like 7.34.

To achieve the desired result we need to increase the blonde force using a 40 degree oxidizing cream.