1.1 The following terms regulate the operation of the program and the YOURCOSMETICS loyalty card of the company KYANA HELLAS, based in Thessaloniki in K. Palamas 6. KYANA HELLAS through the program wishes to offer its customers special discounts and / or offers but also a privileged information on new products, participation in special events and other privileges, as specified below.

1.2 By registering, you agree to read, understand and accept these terms and conditions (“Terms”) of participation, as applicable. The terms of the program may be modified from time to time with an obligation on the part of HERBORIA IKE to announce the changes on the website of the company KYANA HELLAS.

In parallel with the present terms that apply, you accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of the KYANA HELLAS website.


2.1 KYANA HELLAS as the person in charge of processing, keeps in a file and processes the personal data declared in the application and which in no case include special categories of data as defined in the European General Regulation 2016/679 on “Data Protection” (“General Regulation »). KYANA HELLAS is responsible, among other things, for registering, updating and updating data.

2.2 During the registration and processing of personal data KYANA HELLAS and its employees comply with the provisions of the European General Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection (“General Regulation”), with the applicable Greek legislation on personal data protection and with the decisions of the Protection Authority. In any case, the processing is carried out after the explicit consent of each customer.

2.3 KYANA HELLAS implements appropriate technical, material and organizational security measures, with the aim of protecting personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unlawful disclosure or access (including unnecessary collection or further processing). These measures ensure a level of security that responds to the risk, taking into account technology developments, implementation costs and nature, scope, context and purposes of processing.

2.4 KYANA HELLAS maintains the confidentiality of personal data and does not disclose personal data in any way to any third party without the prior information and consent of the subject, except as expressly provided in applicable law, such as in the case of disclosure of personal data. data must be made to a competent public authority in order to comply with a legal obligation. KYANA HELLAS ensures that the authorized persons involved in the processing of personal data are bound by the same confidentiality obligations.

2.5 Personal data collected for specified purposes, as analyzed below, shall not be further processed. It is clarified that further processing for scientific or statistical purposes is not considered incompatible.

2.6 Personal data is kept for as long as KYANA HELLAS is active and has not been canceled. In case of cancellation of KYANA HELLAS the data can be kept if there is a legal interest of KYANA HELLAS or its legal obligation. In this case the retention period may not exceed five (5) years.

2.7 Any subject of personal data may submit a request to KYANA HELLAS for access and correction or deletion of personal data or restriction of processing or for the exercise of one of the rights of the subject for compensation, or portability. The request is submitted by phone 2310905080 (charge based on the price list of each telecommunications provider) or electronically at [email protected]. The service of the request will have been implemented within thirty (30) days. Every subject also has the right to file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority at [email protected], if he considers that the processing of his Personal Data violates the applicable national and regulatory framework law for the protection of personal data.

2.8 Purpose of Processing: In the framework of the Program and in order for the data subject to receive all the privileges that may entail his participation in the specific loyalty program, KYANA HELLAS may process his data, in order for the data subject to receive updates , competitions etc. in the contact details he has declared (address, email address, mobile, viber etc), by KYANA HELLAS.

Specifically the types of communication that the customer may receive as a member of the loyalty program:

General information about the company and its actions.

Send newsletter.

Communication for bulk and special offers: Promotions aimed at all or some customers and communication in the context of tenders to the winners of these tenders.

Send coupons and content (expert advice, articles, recipes, etc.)

Conducting surveys: Communication to determine customer satisfaction, indicatively and not restrictively regarding KYANA HELLAS products and services, actions and offers.

2.9 Each data subject can make a modification regarding the means of communication either by calling 2310905080 (charge based on the price list of the respective telecommunication provider) or electronically at [email protected].

2.10 KYANA HELLAS does not transfer personal data to any third party.


3.1 The holder of the YOURCOSMETICS card enjoys the respective privileges defined based on the commercial policy of KYANA HELLAS as a reward for the regular use of the Card.

3.2 The holder of YOURCOSMETICS with purchases from stores under the name YOUR COSMETICS collects points. The points collected do not expire and participate in promotions of the company KYANA HELLAS.

3.3 The customer is solely responsible for the use of the YOURCOSMETICS card and in no case is KYANA HELLAS responsible in case of its loss or theft or in its misuse or illegal use. KYANA HELLAS is not responsible for replacing or locating the stolen or lost discount check, nor is it responsible for any compensation.

3.4 Holders of the YOURCOSMETICS card can obtain other privileges based on the commercial policy of KYANA HELLAS such as, indicatively and not restrictively, discounts on specific products, special offers, extra points with the purchase of specific products, etc. Cardholders are informed about privileges and their validity through, such as indicative and not restrictive, brochures, television and radio, electronic communication, etc.


4.1 All active and potential customers of KYANA HELLAS’s branches have the right to participate in the program and obtain the YOURCOSMETICS card.

4.2 In order for any natural person to apply for the issuance of the card, he must be over 18 years of age and fill in the relevant membership application in physical form, in one of the stores with the company’s marks or electronically.

4.3 A prerequisite for joining the Program is the completion of all the information listed in the application as mandatory fields: name, surname, email, address, city, postal code, mobile phone and to prove these terms by expressing his consent to the processing of his personal data.

4.4 KYANA HELLAS does not carry out an identity check when submitting the application. The applicant declares responsibly and undertakes that the information he has provided is complete, true and accurate and has not used data, such as a mobile phone or e-mail address, which he does not own. In case of submission of false information the applicant is responsible to KYANA HELLAS for any damage.

4.5 Only one card corresponds to each individual. In case the company becomes aware that the members of the Program have in their possession more than one (1) YOURCOSMETICS card, it can cancel the card at its discretion.

4.6 The owners of YOURCOSMETICS must inform for any change of their data, which they have given with their initial application either by contacting the phone 2310905080 (charge based on the price list of the respective telecommunication provider) or electronically at [email protected]. In case of change of data, the provisions of article 4.4 apply.


5.1 KYANA HELLAS may cancel the program and cancel the YOURCOSMETICS cards, informing the customers, by any appropriate means, as the specific program is a voluntary provision of the company KYANA HELLAS.

5.2 KYANA HELLAS may cancel a specific card at its sole discretion, in case the applicant does not fill in the required information, or has issued multiple cards, using common information (name or phone or e-mail). In case of issuance of multiple cards with common elements, KYANA HELLAS may keep a YOURCOSMETICS card active in which it may, at its sole discretion, credit the points of the other cards.

5.3 HERBORIA IKE can cancel YOURCOSMETICS cards of the customers in case there are indications that they are misused, in order for the holder to circumvent the terms of the program, presenting for himself a greater benefit.

5.4 KYANA HELLAS is not liable to customers in the event of cancellation of the YOURCOSMETICS card in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 5.2 and 5.3 of these terms or deactivation of the program to pay any compensation for damage, direct or indirect, or permanent or existing .

5.5 The registration of each physical application is done within thirty (30) days. For digital applications this period is set at five (5) working days. Customer data is available for any processing after each application has been submitted.

5.6 The customer can request cancellation of the card and / or issuance of a new card by contacting a KYANA HELLAS store. In case of cancellation the personal data of the card are deleted within thirty (30) days.

5.7 The above terms apply and are interpreted in accordance with applicable national and European legislation. The courts of Thessaloniki are appointed competent for any dispute.

5.8 KYANA HELLAS shall update this Policy whenever necessary. If there are significant changes in the Policy or the way in which the Personal Data is used, KYANA HELLAS will make a relevant publication on the company’s website ( and will notify the data subjects in any appropriate way.

5.9In any case, every holder of the YOURCOSMETICS card must be informed at regular intervals through the website of KYANA HELLAS,, about the applicable terms.