KYANA presents a new experience in ammonia-free dye containing:

  • Sunflower extracts
  • Organic silicone
  • Essential oils


The HELIOGENOL system is a protective base rich in sunflower extracts and a number of other plants and fruits that:

  • Reconstruct hair by helping to limit the loss of sensitive or damaged hair.
  • Protect hair by providing instant shine.
  • Increase the duration of cosmetic color
  • Heal the damage caused by UV solar radiation



The benefits of having three-dimensional organosilicone in the dye formula are:

  • The strong conditioning action
  • Shiny hair
  • Silky results
  • Action against static electricity


A range of essential oils offer shine and reconstruction to hair.

Lemon essential oil
Mandarin essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil

Various other ingredients such as nettle extracts and soy and wheat proteins provide a high level of protection by moisturizing and reconstructing hair from within.

Nourishing & reconstructive action thanks to grape seeds and peach oils.

Perfect hydration thanks to coconut butter and jojoba oil.

Hydration and protection thanks to the high content of lanolin extracts.




Mix one part of dye and one and a half part of DEVELOPER HERBORIA MAX (60 ml of dye + 90 ml of DEVELOPER HERBORIA MAX)
For ultra – lightening (10S/0, 10S/1, 10S/2 and 1002) the mixing ratio is:

Mix one part dye and two parts DEVELOPER HERBORIA MAX (60 ml dye + 120 ml DEVELOPER HERBORIA MAX)

Choosing the right type of DEVELOPER

For white hair coverage or tone on tone application use developer 1 or 2 (3 % or 6 %).

For lighting up to 2 tones use developer 3 (9 %)

For lighting up to 3 tones or more use developer 4 (12 %)