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Today the KYANA brand is synonymous with absolute quality, guaranteeing the effectiveness of products and satisfaction of the needs of the modern hairdressing salon. It contains within it the most modern of trends in the world of hairdressing but also the knowledge that leads to its success.


KYANA Edu-Circle
- Hair Care Experts

KYANA attributes great importance to the technical support of its partners.. A fully trained technical department is always at the disposal of each partner for the immediate provision of advice and guidance that will allow the achievement of optimal results.The company organizes educational shows, events, courses/workshops and pop-up seminars in collaboration with Greek and foreign trainers, where all the latest trends and techniques are presented, inspiring the participants and enriching their knowledge with new concepts”.


Kyana Product Lines

Innovative treatment, care and styling solutions

Upgrade your salon service

KYANA offers a full portfolio of professional products to cover all your needs. From exclusive salon products, techniques and services to at-home hair products.

Studio Expressions

Combining the high technology with the power of nature

A superior technology that offers 100% gray hair coverage, intense colors full of brilliance plus nourishing beneficial properties of the Greek organic honey

new formula

QUEEN Pure Pigments

Be part of the shine, play with color!

Make your color richer, add new stunning hair color combinations and gorgeous tones, neutralize others, and add incredible shine to all hair types. They can also be used with a variety of products and services in salon or at home.

Herboria Max

trust the wisdom of nature

A coloring system with a rich in herbal ingredients protective base. 100% gray hair coverage, intense, long-lasting color options that add shine and vitality.

new formula

Meet the... QUEEN


Keratin enhanced hair smoothing salon-quality hair care products for all hair and color-treated systems.


Perfect shiny, Smooth and anti-frizz Hair


Products that nourish the hair and give the appearance and health it needs


Extend the life of hair color and create infinite shades


Evozen Blow Dry & Styling

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