QUEEN’s line keratin treatment helps to hydrate and nourish hair while also used for smoothing and straightening. It offers complete reconstruction of hair tissue through a process of immediate restoration of its structural components. The HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES extracts it contains increase the protection index it provides to hair while offering incomparable shine and durability.


  1. 1. Wash hair twice with QUEEN PRE TREATMENT shampoo, rinse and dry with a towel. 2. Use a hair dryer on medium heat until completely dry. 3.Comb hair 4.Shake the product before use 5. Apply the keratin treatment partially to hair with a comb (avoiding contact with the skin). 6. After 30 minutes, dry hair with a hair dryer in medium temperature until completely dry. 7. Set the temperature of the straightening iron to 190 – 230ΟC or 375 – 450οF and press hair up to 5 times. 8. Do not wash or tie hair for 3 days. If they get wet, straighten again using a straightening iron. 9. After three days, wash hair with the SULFATE FREE shampoo from the QUEEN line.

AFTER USE: Use QUEEN’s SULFATE FREE shampoo on a regular basis to prevent premature weakening of the treatment.


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