Addressing the professional hairdresser, KYANA offers unique and professional hairdressing products of high quality.

Creativity and innovation are the two main pillars of our corporate philosophy, something that is also expressed by the allocation of significant resources in the field of Research and Development for the production of new products whose quality standards fully meet the requirements of the modern hairdressing salon.

Over the years, the company has fully developed product lines that best meet the needs of hair protection and care.

The company’s sense of responsibility, customer-centric approach, constant effort for renewal and improvement along with the continuous appetite to keep up with modern trends in the hairdressing industry have gained the company the respect of its partners and had led to its emergence as one of the largest companies in the Greek market.

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The creation of KYANA in 2006 was the product of the realisation of a common vision of 5 people with many years of experience in the field of professional hairdressing products. The company, as a common component of different forces, perceptions and proposals, has been highlighted by its partners as one of the leading companies in the field, both for the quality solutions it offers over time and for the continuous support it provides.

The company’s head office is located in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, in terms of population and area. The choice of Thessaloniki as the company’s head office was the result of the founders’ love for their homeland and their efforts to contribute to the economic life of the region.

Based in the co-capital, KYANA is steadily advancing in space and time, gaining the trust of new partners in both the Greek and global market daily.



Today the KYANA brand is synonymous with absolute quality, guaranteeing the effectiveness of products and satisfaction of the needs of the modern hairdressing salon. It is a source of inspiration and can elevate hairdressing to artistic creation. It contains within it the most modern of trends in the world of hairdressing but also the knowledge that leads to its success.

ΚΥΑΝΑ Professional Team​

The 50 people who make up KYANA’s workforce all share the same passion. To inspire the modern hairdresser through the products and services that the company provides.

For this reason, they work towards this goal daily by respecting safety and quality specifications of high standards both in terms of the selection of raw materials and the service of their partners.



“The ideological background, actions and aims of the company are distinguished by a strong customer-centric approach. This means that the primary objective is the satisfaction of their partners from the products and the services that the company offers.

However, going one step further, KYANA also attributes great importance to the technical support of its partners. A fully trained technical department is always at the disposal of each partner for the immediate provision of advice and guidance that will allow the achievement of optimal results.

Furthermore, the company organizes training seminars in collaboration with Greek and foreign trainers, where all the latest trends and techniques are presented, inspiring the participants and enriching their knowledge with new concepts”.



KYANA covers the entire Greek market through a network of salespeople and authorised dealers. Based in Thessaloniki, it is rapidly conquering the Greek market thanks to the innovation of its products and the direct services it offers.

Every day our products travel throughout Greece reaching every salon that wishes to participate in our passion for beautiful hair.

Over the last few years the company has also been active in the export sector. KYANA’s products have been gaining the trust of more and more partners who look to the company for its quality, consistency and support.



For KYANA, corporate social responsibility is not just a corporate philosophy but a way of life.

The difficult conditions and events of recent years have exacerbated various social phenomena against which the company could not remain uninvolved.

Since its foundation until today, KYANA has been an active member of the society in which it operates and is actively supporting efforts like the fight against diseases such as cancer.

It also participates in actions aimed at strengthening environmental sustainability and sports, by understanding both the immediacy of the need to protect our planet and believing in the values and higher ideals that sports cultivates.