KYANA in International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues – ICCMI 2018!

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The 6th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues – ICCMI 2018 was held between June 27-29 in Athens and has been successfully concluded.

The central goal of the conference is to examine Contemporary Marketing Issues through various angles, stimulate dialogue and develop new perspectives in the field of Marketing within a globalized world.

KYANA Company participated in the conference, with a speech by Mr. Yiannis Vassiliadis, in cooporation with Mr. Chris Vassiliadis, Professor of University of Macedonia and Ms. Gkarane Sofia, PdD Candidate, about B2B Marketing. The topic of the speech was: “Inviting Overseas Entrepreneurs to Greece for B2B Tourism Marketing Purposes: The Case of Chinese Hair Salon Owners Event”, and the aim was to study the overseas oriented marketing efforts of SMEs.